Tuesday, February 12, 2013


PreKinder and Kinder created these adorable little penguins for a cool winter project! We started by doing a watercolor resist painting for the background. We drew out simple snowflakes in white and then painted over them with a blue watercolor. The kids love the "magic" of white crayon that is invisible until the paint goes over it and makes it appear! We then created a penguin with some simple cut-out shapes. The final step was to add a scarf and ear muffs to go with our cool theme!

Monday, February 11, 2013

M.C. Escher Tessellations

Students in grades 4-6 made these M.C. Escher style tessellations. We watched a video about M.C. Escher and learned about the mathematical way tessellations are made. I then showed the students how to create a tessellation by cutting a piece of paper and taping it together with the inside edges out. After cutting the tessellation, students drew at least one animal inside the shape. I had the students incorporate the edges of the shape into the animal somehow to create a more realistic tessellating pattern. These were transfered onto a paper 6 to 8 times and then outlined and filled in with colored pencils. The students were truly amazed by creating a tessellation that connects on all sides!