Thursday, August 22, 2013

Insect Designs

4-6th grade Montessori students made these insect designs to explore the use of patterns and repetition in artworks. We began by observing many different types of insects. Students could draw one specific insect or take features of different insects and create an all new species. These were then transferred to a larger paper either randomly or as a specific design. We used markers to color in the insects and filled in the background with watercolor. This is a great cross-curricular lesson incorporating some important science concepts.

Laurel Burch Cats

1-3 grade students created these Laurel Burch inspired watercolor cats. I demonstrated step-by-step how to draw the body of a cat with simple lines and shapes. Students then outlined with crayons and added a simple shape design to the background. I gave students the option of adding spots or stripes to the cats, as well as if they wanted a natural and realistic cat or bright and colorful. Students then used liquid watercolors to paint in the cats and backgrounds. This project is very simple and yields amazing results for all students!

Native American Animal Symbols

7th and 8th grade International Academy students created these vibrant animal symbols. We began by drawing a Native American animal symbol, which are believed to capture a person's spirit or be a personal guardian. After drawing the animal, students filled in the space with vivid patterns and designs. These were then mounted on a print made from handmade stamps of Native American designs.