Thursday, May 16, 2013

Warhol Style Flowers

These paper cut out flowers were made by the PreKinder and Kinder students after learning about the artist Andy Warhol. We began by using cardboard strips and stamping the black paper with green to create our grass. Next, students used construction paper to cut out flowers and drew on several curved lines for a three dimensional effect. An easy project with spectacular results!

Senofo Spirit Animals

The Senufo people of West Africa’s Ivory Coast are renowned for their cloth paintings. They believe their artwork has special meaning and helps protect them in their daily lives. Design motifs usually include birds, snakes, fish, frogs, crocodiles, and turtles as seen from above or side, covered with lots of geometric patterns. 4-6 students created their own spirit animals and created the various geometric designs around the border and in the animal. The background was colored with oil pastels in a blending pattern.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Buzzing Bees

This art project was inspired by the story Buzz by Eileen Spinelli. Students began by using a hexagon shape and tracing it throughout a square paper to create a honeycomb. This pattern was then painted in using watercolor paints. Next, students used foam pieces to create a bee and printed this onto the painting. We then added some yellow stripes to the tails and body. This was a really simple project that turned out successful for all students!

Sea Turtles

These adorable sea turtles were created by our PreK and Kinder artists in the style of Eric Carle. Eric Carle is a children's book author and artist famous for his painted cut out images. First, we began by creating two paintings: one blue and one green. I explained to the students that the blue would be water and the green would be a turtle. Once the painting was complete, students took a comb and scraped lines into the paint. The blue should be curvy lines like the waves in the ocean, the green lines could be any kind of line that makes you think of a turtle. Next, we cut up the green paper to make turtles and added some black lines for eyes and a shell. For a final touch, students could use some extra painted paper to create some bubbles.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tibetan Masks

International Academy students created these lively Tibetan masks from Nepal. The cultural and folk masks of Nepal are used for a variety of occasions- from religous ceremonies to dances and theater. The origins of the masks go back to Hindu and Buddist influences- as seen by the third eyes and elaborate detailing. Students created a perfectly symmetrical mask drawing after learning about the culture and characteristics of the designs. These were then painted using various watercolor painting techniques and outlined with black marker.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Students in PreKinder and Kinder created these artworks after learning about Vincent Van Gogh. We began by creating a watercolor painting for the background. Students drew several curvy lines with a crayon, then painted the sections in with whatever colors they wanted. During the next class, we read Camille and the Sunflowers and talked about Vincent Van Gogh. Students then used brown and green construction paper to create the flowers and stems. Students then used yellow triangles to finish off the sunflowers. Van Gogh projects are always loved by students because he was so interesting and his colors were so alive and vibrant!