Thursday, December 20, 2012

Optical Illusions

International Academy students created these amazing optical illusions! We began by learning the basics of perspective. Students can then manipulate horizon lines and vanishing points to trick the eye. Students drew these out step-by-step and incorporated important math concepts like measurement and parallel lines. We then used colored pencils and kept two sides lighter to mimic a light source and add to the illusion. The cool thing about these boxes is that one way it looks like the cube is sticking out, but when flipped upside-down the cube is missing!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Arts and Activities Magazine

Here is a copy of the article I wrote for Arts & Activities magazine! There is a link to view the online version of the magazine:

The article features artworks from Dealey students Brady, Elvina and Leslie and appears in the January issue.

This was a huge career goal for me and I am so happy to see it come true! This is only the beginning, I have several more articles approved and waiting for publication in Arts & Activities magazine and also in SchoolArts magazine!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

African Mask Monoprints

Students began by learning about African masks from Mali and Guinea. We then created a life size mask and covered all the lines with yarn and beads. These masks were then rolled over with white paint and printed on black paper. This is called a monoprint because it yields one print. Students then accented these prints with gold paint. We mounted the masks on banana leaf paper and framed them with symmetrical shapes. The students really enjoy making masks- this project was great because students have the print and the yarn mask to keep once finished.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Leaves are Falling!

These adorable fall trees were created by our PreK and Kinder classes. We began by scoring a paper with a crayon and painting a bare winter tree with many branches. Students then cut out leaves in various colors and placed them on, falling from, or under the tree. Students loved creating these and they make for a great fall display!

Frank Lloyd Wright Prints

International Academy students completed these geometric prints in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. After looking at Wright's stained glass window designs, students created geometric designs using rulers and circle templates. These designs were then carved into styrofoam and printed onto watercolor paintings. This project provides a great connection into math and architecture and the finished prints look amazing!