Thursday, September 26, 2013

Realistic vs. Expressive Portraits

Students in grades 4-6 created these watercolor portraits as their first artworks of the year! We began by drawing a proportional and detailed drawing of the face and outlining it with crayon. These portraits were then painted with watercolors. Students looked at the artwork of Chuck Close and Leonardo da Vinci and compared realistic and expressive portraits. Students then could choose to paint in the style they preferred.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chuck Close Self-Portraits

International Academy students created these portraits in the style of American artist Chuck Close. Chuck Close is famous for drawing grids over photographs and using scale and ratios to create very large scale paintings. Students drew a grid over photographs so the larger drawings were proportional and accurate. These were then filled in with oil pastels so we could create realistic values. Students colored in the backgrounds with a complementary color for some added contrast. It's always a thrill for such young students to be able to create such a recognizable portrait!

Wrap Around Snakes

Students in grades 1-3 created these wrap around snakes with crayon, watercolor paints, and cut-out paper. We began by drawing a tree and snake during the first class. We added patterns to the snake and lines to the tree to create texture. These were then painted with watercolor paint. Students could also embellish the artwork with various types of cut-out leaves. This was an easy and fun project to begin the year and every student created a masterpiece!

"I'm an Artist" Self- Portraits

Students in PreKinder and Kinder created these adorable self-portraits. We began by creating a drawing on a small sheet of paper during the first week of school. The next step was to create the portrait using simple shapes and lines. This was a great introduction to art class for these young artists as well as a great introduction to the basic elements of art.

Friday, September 13, 2013

BaTiki Time!

Here is my latest published article in the August/September issue of SchoolArts magazine! This is my largest publication yet- 3 full pages. The Tiki design project was great for learning about the intersection of art and culture. Enjoy!

You can also access the digital version of the magazine through the SchoolArts website: