Friday, January 30, 2015

Penguins in Perspective

Students in grades 1-3 created these winter landscapes. We began by learning how to make tints of blue and purple. Students painted the background in a pattern of tints in a way that would show movement. Next, students tore paper to create the ground lines. We looked at different examples of aerial perspective and noticed how the colors are darker in the foreground and get lighter as you go back in space. Students then created trees and penguins that are larger in the foreground and get smaller as they go back into the middle and background. This fun winter lesson taught students perspective, how to mix colors and also how to show movement in an artwork.

Friday, January 23, 2015


International Academy students created these whimsical scratchboards in the style of Gustav Klimt. We began by looking at several artworks by Klimt including The Kiss, taking note of the realistic figures and the abstracted, ornate clothing and backgrounds. Students created scratchboards by coloring a piece of tagboard completely with oil pastels. We colored using stripes and the more color the better! We then painted over the pastel with a thin and even layer of black acrylic paint. Once this is dry, you can use a pin to scratch away and reveal the beautiful color underneath. We used a full figure image from a magazine and placed it on the scratchboard. After tracing the figure, we glued the skin to the board and cut the clothing away. Students then drew patterned clothing and backgrounds that showed a great amount of detail. This is a really fun project to do and yields fabulous results!