Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Primary Color Self-Portraits

Students in grades PreK and Kinder created these self-portraits. We began by making a tissue paper collage with the three primary colors- red, yellow and blue. The squares of tissue paper were placed onto the white paper with a slight overlap so students could see how the secondary colors are made. During the next class, students used simple cut out shapes to create a self-portrait. We drew the facial features on and students could also add a drawing or design to their shirts. On the final class, we added hands and shoes and also glued yarn on for hair. The students could also add some star or swirl stamps in blue to the backgrounds. This is a great project to directly show students how to mix colors as well as teaching the vocabulary for a self-portrait.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Autumn Trees

Students in grades 4-6 created these autumn trees as an in depth study of color and value. We began by drawing out a grid in pencil and painting the shapes in a monochromatic color scheme. Students could choose one color and then create different tints and shades of that color to complete the painting. We then learned about atmospheric perspective- how in a landscape objects that are farther away become lighter and blurrier. Students then created three horizon lines and trees, the closest were dark while the ones farther away got lighter and smaller. This was a great lesson for teaching color theory- monochromatic, tints and shades as well as the concept of value and how it adds depth to an artwork.