Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picasso Flowers

These charming paintings were inspired by Pablo Picasso's Flowers in Hand. PreK and Kinder students cut out an outline of their hand and painted the stems. We then used some painted papers to cut up into flower petals. This is a favorite project for the younger ones because of its simple and elegant look!

Aboriginal Dreamings

The 1-3 students completed these wonderful Aboriginal paintings! We learned about Aboriginal artists from Australia and how they use sticks to paint and dot their artworks. We even watched some videos of real Aboriginees painting! The artworks we completed were similar to artist and children's book author Browning Bankcroft.

East Meets Southwest

The 4-6 classes ended the year with a second project that explored the artistic style of Georgia O'Keefe. We began by looking at some of her large close-up paintings of flowers. Students then worked on sketches that needed to include an enlarged flower or flowers that went off at least one edge of the page. I also gave the students the choice to include some elements similar to Japanese prints, such as enormous waves or stylized sun rays. After drawing on the large paper, we covered the lines with a black glue. This gives the lines a dynamic and fluid look. We then filled the rest in with vibrant liquid watercolors. The finished paintings were a great representation of spring!