Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watercolor Fish

Fish and underwater artworks are some of my favorite projects to do with my kids. This was an interesting switch from the usual fish projects I do. We began by creating a word painting- I let the students choose one word to write repeatedly in the background. We drew lines with a ruler and wrote the word over and over again in crayon. Once finished, the students painted over the paper with a black watercolor. During the second class, students drew a large fish in pencil. We looked at different types of fish talked about the various details we saw like fins, scales, tales, etc. I let students choose whether to copy certain fish or create their own. These were then outlined with crayon and painted with vibrant watercolor paints. The final class we cut out and pasted the fish onto the word painting, made 3D seaweed cutouts, and stamped some blue bubbles into the background. The result is a fun and whimsical twist on a old classic!

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